Live: Magic Trick Gone TERRIBLY Wrong on TV!

Illusionist tried to perform a dangerous stunt on a daily morning show on Polish television. The performer asked the TV host to land her hand on one paper bag, one of which was a hidden in a nail in it. But instead of the nail being vanished – she smashed the paper bug with huge force, just to find out the nail pinned her palm! 

Live painful accident. The Stunt magician performed on a show called “question for breakfast” – turned into “surprise for breakfast” for the poor show host Marzena Roglskh.

The Illusionist, reaching the semi-finals reality TV talent Pole “next big thing”, prepared three paper bags, one of which was hidden nail in it. Roglskh was to strike a hand on all the bags, and discover together with all the viewers that nail miraculously disappeared, and bags are empty.

But things developed differently. Roglskh crushed her hand on one of the bags full force into the nail, and then groaned in pain. Magician, shocked blunders, pulled out the nail extent of guiding, and looked at the camera with embarrassment.

Roglskh was lightly injured and evacuated for medical treatment in a hospital.The video raised up after the incident, reported to her fans in good condition. “I thank you for your support. Everything will be fine,” she said. CBS reported that the stunt went off without a hitch during rehearsals.


Sit back & ENJOY !



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