Painting Tricks Your Nail Salon Doesn’t Want You to Know!

Your nails are helping to create billions of dollars in the US alone, that is every year!
It’s no big surprise that nail salons and nail art studios are keeping some of their secrets really really tight.
However, since we are in the google and free information era, we want to expose these tiny little tricks. and it might even give some creative ideas how to create your own unique nail designs.

I personally developed my own nails style, in the form of my own image in each nail , that i will reveal later in this post. needless to say that the amount of compliment I’m getting is HUGE!

Many of us girls girls (and some boys as well) use it to express their mood, their style, their political views…

So if you are looking for a cool and easy way to express yourself, let us take you for a short, fun journey (using tapes only..) :

Basic Step 1: 



The following nails art design might look professional at a first glance. However, have a look at the way to do it, it’s amazingly SIMPLE!
No more than 5 min prep time and you can get that fancy pro nails look.
We recommend using a little of your own taste and creativity with that method to achieve even better designs.