The Secrets Your Nail Salon Don’t Want You to Know!

Your nails are helping to create billions of dollars in the US alone, every year!
It’s no big surprise that nail salons and nail art studios are keeping some of their secrets really really tight.

We all know that somewhat agonizing and frustrating feeling, when we look at our fingers to find that it’s cracked/brittle/splitting.
So usually the first thing comes to mind is making an appointment to our nail salon. We don’t say, you should avoid treating yourself every now with a comforting visit at your favorite nail salon  . However, you will be surprised how easily you can solve you most of the common problems we have with our nails.

And since we are in the google and free information era, we want to SHARE.

Lets expose these tiny little tricks. from bad to worse.

* Disclaimer: You might find some of the photos slightly disturbing! 

1. Rips 

ripped nail

Did you know that it takes 5-6 months for a nail to grow to its full length? No wonder rips are really disturbing.

We warmly advise you try and avoid your ripped nail from breaking off. Before it happen, try to slowly pull up the nail at the tear.

Use a wooden toothpick to put one drop of nail glue underneath. I personally prefer using 5-Second Professional Nail Glue (a mere $2 that last forever). press it down gently for 5 seconds.

Then clean the nail surface to get rid of stickiness.