This is How to Outsmart the Supermarkets!

Here is how you can Outsmart the sophisticated methods of the giant supermarkets, causing you to pick the lesser deals!  



Supermarkets top goal is to make you spend more money. and they are will to do A LOT to make it happen! (not always in a legitimate ways)

It’s no secret that all the major supermarkets chains are hiring the best social psychologists and researchers in order to deploy sophisticated methods that are built to maximize their profits, by fooling our brains.


The top 5 Mind Games that Supermarkets are using are here:


1. They are placing the healthy produce first so you’ll feel really OK buying the junk food in the next aisles

Image result for healthy produce

2. Top shelf spots cost the food makers extra. As these are the best spot at eye level. You are paying premium prices for these “EXTRA” fees.

19 Supermarket Mind Games That Get You To Buy More Junk Food

3. Shopping carts are getting really big – in order to create the illusion that you pilled so little. 

Image result for half full shopping cart

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