You Are What You Wear. So Is Your Dog!

If you are a dog owner, and your dog is your best friend, you must have noticed the various possibilities there are nowadays, to spoil your dog and buy him a present.
At first, pet shops offered speacial dog toys in a variety that can compete with “Toys R us”, all kinds of flavored treats etc. As dogs status’ around the globe increased and the high amounts of $$$$ spent on our best friends are no longer a secret, it is only natural for dogs to get their own line of clothing.


                                        I am too cool to wear this….

years ago, when a dog owner recognized his dog is freezing, he had to find a practical solution (like skipping a night walk, or knitting a sweater). Today you can get your dog a new stylish hot-couture clothing, a daily outfit, or a funny costume! There are Thousands of ONLINE shops for Dog cloths, but in some places (in Japan for example) you can even find a street shop in every second corner.



These Are Not Babies Clothes!


here are some outfits you can’t miss:

                                                                   Just In Case :)




                   Wasn’t sure about… do stripes make me fat?!


                       First Day at School! will the other dogs like me?!


                               LOVE the winter!


                                                  Good Hair Day



                    Don’t Mess With the Gang