800 Year Old Celular Phone Proofs Time Travel Possible

This picture of an 800 year old phone has become viral and lights the imagination of many conspirators.

מכשיר טלפון בן 800 שנה (צילום מסך)


It is not equipped with touch screen or a flag-ship camera. But there is no room for mistakes:  Those of you who still remember NOKIA’s popular cellular phones from the beginning of the millennium – the similarity is remarkable and can’t be denied.

According to recent publications, This “phone” was found in Saltsburg, Germany, in an archaeological site.

The origin of it is claimed to be Mesopotamia (Iraq) according to the letters found on its keys.


Find the differences:

טלפון נייד בן 800 שנה (צילום מסך , יוטיוב)

Conspirators insist this is a standing proof for the existence of time traveling, or at least for the existence of aliens. others web surfers say this picture was already published in 2012 and the Buzzzz is for nothing. They even claim there is no archaeological site where the “phone” is claimed to be found…

Believing or not – It seems like we will never stop seeking for proofs for the possibility of meeting our ancestors or being visited by our offspring from the future. 


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