President Obama, Solar Activities and Their Impact

If earth is hit by a massive solar storm it will result in complete blackout. We are quite reliant on technology these days utilizing cellphones, GPS, a variety of electronics, utilizing internet for almost everything. And if the power goes out due to solar storm this will have a huge impact on our lives. Solar activity occurs in several forms as Solar flares, coronal mass ejections (CME), solar wind, and solar energetic particles. The solar magnetic field drives solar activity. The various forms are listed below:



It’s estimated that such a large solar storm will occur roughly every 150 years or so

1) Solar Flares: Solar storm begins with the giant explosion at sunspots known as Solar flares. High intensity radiations are emitted due to release of magnetic energy from the sunspots. Solar flares usually last from few minutes to few hours. Usually solar flares do not disrupt technology and also do not impact humans. Only radio signals between the earth and satellites can be impacted due to solar flares when they charge the Ionosphere and cause it to expand. Due to this phenomenon when the planes are flying on the poles they may need to use high frequency radio waves as radio signals cannot be used.