Vladimir Putin is Immortal and a Time Traveler?!

Thinking Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, looks much younger than his 63 years? You may be right.

A recently released photo that was taken 95 years ago, and an additional photo that was taken in the 1940’s aroused many questions about the true nature of Vladimir Putin as a mortal creature.

These photos reveal a Russian soldier with a significant resemblance to the Russian president.\

As crazy as it =might sound. We all heard the theory suggesting that extra terrestrial life, outside of our solar system, are quietly keeping a close eye on on. Some suggest, that earth is some kind of a laboratory made by UFOs and us humans are like a germs colony unaware of the bigger picture.


Some of these many hard to believe theories, might find a lightening link in the following pages!


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Same guy, for the same army, same look on his face, ALWAYS IN THE SPOT LIGHT, totally different eras!  


ולדימיר פוטין (צילום מסך , דיילי מייל)


The next, is dated back to one of the most famous painting, dating back even further: