Take a Deep Breath, Dive to Your Hotel

When you imagine relaxing holiday, it is often in place by the sea or near any relaxing water source. This time, you are going to expand the imagination of deep water vacation:
Five hotels will take you into the abyss. Take a deep breath – Let’s dive!

1. Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Familiar with the “market restaurants” that are emerging today in droves? Restaurants that are near the market and everything come fresh every day, then one can also say that of Conard Maldives resort’s restaurant.
Eat Sushi alongside natural aquarium: Hotel Conrad Maldives

The resort located on the island Rangali While holding its luxurious rooms with floors above the clear water into the ocean, but this restaurant is worth everything in place. Here you will get a culinary experience 5 meters below sea level, just be careful, you will probably going to encounter the brothers of the fish that is now your meal around you. Bon appetite.